SLink Physique – Male

The Body:

 Slink Male V1 2

 The Details:

Cost – 1250L
Designer – SLink
Current Reviewed Version: v1.1
Includes – Fitmesh Body, applier shorts, fitmesh boxer shorts and fitmesh tank top and jeans

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – No
Hands – No (purchased separately)
Feet – No (purchased separately)
Skins tones included – 6 system layer skins (for your head) and 6 appliers built in to the HUD to match (plus 9 penis skin tone tints)

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 3 – Tattoo layer, Underwear layer and Clothes layer.
Save Slots for Other Skins – N/A
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 5
Save Slots for Appliers – N/A


Omega – Yes for body/skin/clothing, built in compatibility – See the Omega page for more details about Omega for this body
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – Yes
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – Yes

 The HUD:

v1.1 hud RGB HUD V1.1

The best bits:
  • It’s FINALLY a ‘standard guy’ kind of mesh body for men! Yaaaaaaay!
  • The body fits standard mesh really well, I barely had to tweak my shape at all (I was wearing the shape that came with it).
  • The body sliders work well, meaning the body rigged so that I can make my muscles bigger etc without warping the body too much at higher slider numbers.
  • He comes with ‘man parts’! I know some may like this, some may not (since they’re non-functional man parts) but during my week as a pretend guy, I liked being able to get undressed and not have to worry about putting an attachment on (not that I would, because I don’t have one), but theoretically anyway. I also like that you can use an alpha button to circumcise your man parts, so everyone is covered.
  • He’s Omega compatible! I know guys, you probably don’t care much right now, but when skin designers and applier/tattoo designers are making Omega items, you’ll care then!!
The worst bits:
  • The body is still relatively new, so there aren’t many skin options or fitmesh options right now. This will change of course, SLink have always been really good about sharing their designer kits with designers, so I expect some awesome stuff to come your way guys!
  • The skins that come with the body do NOT do the body justice, I’d love to see SLink team up with a skin designer to make these more defined. It wasn’t until I put another skin on the body that I fell in love with it, so don’t let that put you off guys.
  • The body doesn’t come with the hands/feet attached. Personally I don’t care, but according to my (recently SLinked up) friend Nirrad, men are lazy and want their body to have everything on it when they add it…. so there you go Nirrad, I added it! It would be great if SLink sold a version of the body with feet and the casual hands attached though, I agree.
  • Of the (approximately 15) men I saw wearing the body and asked, 5 of them wish it didn’t have a penis, and 10 of them wished the penis was functional. I’m staying out the penis debate though, because I don’t have one and am quite happy for man-me to be a ken doll 😛
Best suited to:

All those poor men who have been waiting for a high quality mesh body that doesn’t look like a body builder or have a complex system like TMP!

26 thoughts on “SLink Physique – Male

  1. Its junk, Slink is, as another person said in a comment on this blog about this body is “a boxy upgrade” from the standard SL body.
    And who sells something with no feet or hands ? Slink also falls very short in doing ANY upgrades or updates . The penis ( what a joke) why bother to even have it , its stupid. clothing layer splits along the arms and crotch area, its got no ass, and the arms are to long between the shoulder and elbow, giving it a Mr. Stretch doll look. And the Alpha hud is the worst one next to the stupid TMP one which is also horrible.
    In closing when you go to buy Slink male body, don’t. SO much better available .

    • Specifically, what is it that you contend is so much better than Slink? I ask because I have been struggling with this for days. You taunt us, as if you know what is best. But you don’t say.

  2. “It’s FINALLY a ‘standard guy’ kind of mesh body for men! Yaaaaaaay!”. Great, but the excitement stops here.

    I have been awaiting for an alternative to TMP body, but, unfortunately, it continues being the only good mesh body for who wants a slim shape.

    The shape of this body is good, but the big problem here are the landmarks, like the clavicle and patella.

    I am a draftsman and use SL as reference for drawings, sometimes, and it definitely annoys me looking at unrealistic landmarks.

    Also, the skin that comes with the body is awful. I tried other skins, but even though they look better, they are not good enough to make me excited about this body.

    I definitely was expecting more from Slink.

  3. I am noticing that with many mesh clothing makers, e.g. Oddity and Giomen, my skin pokes thru the back upper arm around my shirt sleeves. When does Slink plan to update the Alpha HUD in order to provide for a more refined covering around this area? As it is, I cannot wear many mesh shirt items. I have tried modifying my shape to make my arms smaller, to no avail.

  4. I am sorry to say that it is a horible body!
    The clavicle is ending up to low inside the delts, completely unhuman.
    The delts are not nice.
    The armpits are like arches.
    The knees look preety bad.
    The parts of it that are not bad, are really nothing much.
    And it has been so long that it is out, but no update for it.
    The slink female bodies are really scalpt beauties, so they just dont want to invest anything for the male clients, or else they would give it an update.
    I really wonder how come you and some other opinion leaders, have given it so nice reviews!!….

    • Hey Aristos 🙂 I think it all comes down to taste with mesh bodies, that’s part of the issue. Some prefer a totally realistic look, others prefer a more SL look and others like fantasy – so it all depends on your preferences and what you like 🙂

  5. Well yes, but this is supposed to be a realistic slim male body, while it failes completely in presenting a realistic male anatomy.
    I think the people that you have given it nice reviews are a bit biassed from your experience with the Slink female bodies, which are really very nicely done.
    It would be nice thought if you could point out the failures of the body to Slink and push them a bit towards an update.
    Just saying..

    • well, since the Slink body is the one which keeps closest to the system shape…….why not working on your shape as long as it looks anatomically correct for you?
      This is what I did with it and I bought a rather expensive but very impressing skin for it, now to my opinion it is the best available male meshbody ever!

  6. I agree with Aristos , plus I am not to sure that a female VS male using the body will have the same opinion. There really is not anything about this body that I can say is good. I understand why they have no demo on MP. Based on the no demo no one is able to comment on it so aside from posts here it is bought and then moved to a no useable items folder buried in our inventory, so slink is now relying on unaware buyers, not right.

  7. To be honest I cannot fault Slink at all..It has served me very well since i was suggested to me by a fellow group member who had the same interest in fashion as I did. I find that it adapts to the majority of mesh clothes; some of course may require a modification of shape to accommodate but you can always revert back when naked and keep the said shape as part of the quick change ensemble…It is supported by Samurai, Redgrave and Concorde for skins/appliers so it really has a lot going for it as a very economical mesh body!

  8. Slink has issued several updates for the Physique body, the skins and clothing options have multiplied, and compatibility is way up since this first came out. I love mine, rarely have any problems, and no more problems that with any other meshie.

    overall, it’s a good option, and easier than a lot to use.

  9. Tried the demo on this body, and I have to totally disagree with the comment about being good for ‘standard’ guys…that is unless your ‘standard’ is some pencil necked geek. Sorry, you can tell the designers spent a LOT of time working on female bodies. This male mesh is seriously effeminate.

    Good thing on this body, as was already pointed out, Omega! I’ve been waiting for a non ‘hulk’ (Niramyth) body to come out that would finally implement the Omega system that works so beautifully for women. This means that skins and clothing and tattoos will almost immediately be available for this body whereas for others they will remain waiting (most likely forever as in the case of TMP).

    Second good thing on this body is price. 1250 is WAY better than any of the others on the market.

    Overall I was somewhat disappointed with this body and put it all back into the depths of my inventory while I wait for a Male Mesh to come out with Omega that can rival the looks of the TMP. THAT would put a stake in the heart of the TMP body for sure and would be something they would never recover from.

  10. Slink is the body I wear on 5 of my alts. It has a number of issues, the HUGE neck triangle looks like rubbish unless you are one of the 9′ crowd. Run with a realistic 6′ size and there is a huge slab of useless flesh over the shoulders triangled up to the neck. Necklaces will clip into this with the smallest movement and it makes you look a bit like a hunchback.

    The chest is SO thick. Side view of this body on a realistic proportion body is a gym junkie with a huge set of ribs.

    Unless you are willing to put up with the rubbish that is the obsolete, never to leave beta, TMP the Slink is the best body for anyone who wants to look realistic, but damn, it’s still too much like a person who spends their entire life in a gym.

    So three faults from me; That huge slab of useless shoulder flesh (it’s seriously bad). No necklaces. Pecs a mile deep.

    I wish the women making these mesh bodies would stop with the gym junky looks and do one that actually looks like an attractive, well proportioned, average person.

  11. Slink seemed like the obvious choice because there were so many fitmesh outfits being made for it and it was the most reasonably priced of all male mesh bodies.

    The big problem with it is that I’ve yet to buy a fitmesh outfit that fit on my Slink body right away, right when I put it on. Getting dressed always involves spending time screwing around with slink’s absurd alpha layers. I don’t need a million options for turning on and off parts of the body when I’m buying a fitmesh outfit because it’s just supposed to work right away!

    Compared to my experience, my female friends with Maitreya bodies just toss on their fitmesh outfits and they’re ready to go. This is how fitmesh is supposed to be, right?

    When it comes to fitmesh clothes and ease of use, Slink is a big disappointment.

    If anyone knows any other male mesh bodies where fitmesh outfits work smoothly and without hassle, I’d love to hear about it.

  12. I guess I’m one of those lucky ones, that have a fine experience with the slink body.
    Call me biased, if you will, but, in technical terms, it’s second only to the TMP.
    Alpha cuts are detailed enough to allow for most mesh clothing to be worn, even several standard size clothes, fitmesh for the bedy requires little to not at all use of alpha cuts, the weight-mapping is very good, with very limited joint-bending distortion, and the distance between tattoo, underwear and clothing layers, is just enough to barely ever give me a transparency glitch. It doesn’t have me looking like Swarchenneger’s lost son, it fits with most mesh heads flawlessly… and, I could go on for ages.
    “but, there is nothing negative about it?” you will ask.
    Well, of course there are negatives, and cons.
    First of all, the bodyshape itself. It’s too faithful to the traditional avatar, but way more detailed, and dense in polygons. And that leads to all sorts of badly proportioned results, when you put in a slink body with a shape you were wearing for your standard avatar.
    The arm and leg thickness are another issue, that links to my above issue. Unlike the chest thickness, that is good for a tined, fit male human (with a good deal of SecondLife stylization, of course, let’s not expect actual realism, when the rigging armature dictates a good deal of the body base proportions) the arms and legs are too thin for it. Which, like someone mentioned, the chest looks so thick. It doesn’t actually, but, when you see those slim slender limbs, it looks MASSIVE! Which is also why the armpit looks and behaves the way it does. When a rigged model articulates, the weight-mapping tells each portion of the mesh how to behave, and when one part is thick, and the other slender, you may get this to happen.
    The collarbone triangular shape is another thing, although for the torso shape, it’s what you’d expect. And, honestly, it’s not abnormal, or ugly, but it’s VERY impractical, with unrigged necklaces or pendants. Giving the collarbones some weight from the neck bone could fixt this, in theory, but I believe it would make the shoulder/neck entire area look weird when animating.
    And, then, the penis. This should be left out. If appliers would match the penis to the rest of the body skin, it would be a nice thing for nude photos (nothing beats the seamless effect of a genital that’s part of the body, not a third party attachment), but as it is, it’s a practically useless waste of script and geometry resources.
    Finally, unless I’m missing a recent update, I’d love to see it use materials, for some added touch of photorealism (wounds, sweat droplets, old scars, even skin pores, if the normal/specular maps are well-made). As it is now, with materials becoming the standard for avatar looks, being behind the evolution is a sad mistake.

    To summarise. Slink is an above par body. Practical, if you plan to use your existing mesh wardrobe, well-constructed, for your applier needs, and decent looking.

  13. any thoughts regarding slink v2.0? im nab and about to buy a decent mesh avi. some of the above comments concern me a lot even if they were not written for v2

  14. Unfortunately, I am unable to use the latest update. I do not have a mesh head and the SLINK creator has done something to the normals within the product. So now there is no way I can get the skin for my head to match the skin on the body.There is a horrible line on the back of the neck (not the front) that I am unable to correct. I am most satisfied with the third party skin that I purchased and it is not worth it to invest a bunch of Lindens for new skins which will most like do the same thing. Nor am I ready for a mesh head. SLINK customer support was more interested in stating that it was mostly like my error, when It was not. I start from scratch with every new update. And I spent the better part of two days messing with this one.

    In addition to the problem with the neck line. Many SLINK available clothes that I had already purchased will no longer fit on the new updated SLINK body. Although I must admit that many shirts that would not fit before now do.

    So now, to keep up with the transition to mesh, I must wear my system av for some clothes, my original SLINK body for some clothes, and this new SLINK updated body when I am wearing a turtle neck or something that covers the horrible, unfixable neck line.

    I have communicated with SLINK customer service several times, but have as of yet to hear anything.

  15. after some week of experience with my slink body i am quite fine with. there is just one thing i dont like at all: the body disappears from other people viewers. same does the slink body of my gf (hourglass) to me. relog helps, but thats annoying :/

  16. my opinion is that this is a terrible body for men, the proportions are all off and it just looks like a system avatar they called mesh … skinny weird arms for a man isn’t acceptable, if they were in proper proportion it might be a different story but as it is now I can not recommend this body to anyone when you can get signature or ANY other body that wont disappoint you and is just plain awful. the creator of this travesty should be ashamed for not releasing any significant updates and leaving it to SUCK as it does. I do apologize if my language is offensive but I AM offended by this body which offered NO DEMO

  17. The shoulders are terrible and make wearing tops nearly impossible unless its specifically a Link sized top. The ass is too flat. The skin options are terrible. I didn’t like that I had to buy a bunch of other stuff to make this plastic mannequin look decent.

  18. I purchased a slink body and find it a joke. The Penis doesn’t do a thing. Clothes purchased for this body do not fit correctly even with using the hud over and over, if you get the holes out of them they reappear after you TP somewhere. I am going to get a new body as soon as possible.

  19. I bought this and didn’t care for it. Maybe because I have been 6 years removed from SL and only recently returned to find out about mesh. No matter what I did with the layers, the body still cut through the clothes.

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