Adam v2

The Body:


 The Details:

Cost – 2950L
Designer – Absolut Creations
Current Reviewed Version: v2
Includes – Fitmesh Body (including bento hands and feet), Fitmesh shorts, pants, t-shirt, jacket & shoes, HUD.

Body Inclusions:

Fitmesh Body – Yes
Mesh Head – No
Bento Hands – Yes
Feet – Yes
Skins tones included – 22 built in skintones (2 types with 11 colours each, both hair free and hairy options included)

Clothing & Layers:

Number of clothing layers: 2 – Tattoo and Clothing layers
Save Slots for Other Skins – N/A
Save Slots for Alpha Cut Combinations – 50
Save Slots for Appliers – N/A


Omega – Yes (relay HUD) – See the Omega page for more details about Omega for this body
Can I use SLink hands/feet with it? – No
Can I wear SLink Shoes with it? – Yes

 The HUD:


 The best bits:
  • I love the shape of this body – the muscle sliders react really well to it, so you can very easily vary from ‘normal guy’ to ‘muscle guy’ just with the sliders.
  • The body fits standard mesh quite well, I barely adjusted my shape at all (I was wearing the shape that came with it). Really good for pants especially.
  • The body comes with an amazing number of skin options which is great.
  • The bento hands are great, and I love the addition of the hand pose creator in the HUD that allows you to make your own poses and save them in the HUD.
  • This one I think guys will love – he comes with everything attached. No playing with hands/feet addons, he works right out of the box. I know with Slink a lot of guys had trouble navigating the right settings for the hands/feet, so you’ll love this guys.
  • He’s Omega compatible! Great for applier items and some skins – just make sure you demo appliers, as noted below I noticed a few issues on some skins.
The worst bits:
  • There seems to be a bit of an issue with Omega applier skin and the nipples on the body – though it’s not a major issue, Adam’s chest is so  beautifully sculpted that in some cases the nipples look too far apart/almost on the side a bit. As always though, I recommend using official Adam appliers to make sure everything sits in the right spots!
Best suited to:

The body is extremely well sculpted and can be used as a thinner or a more muscle avi, which is great. The hand poses and slink shoe compatibility give men more of a range, whilst keeping it simple in terms of having the hands/feet attached to the body.

22 thoughts on “Adam v2

  1. Tested:
    Skin looks a bit “washed out” so it’s recommended to use a custom one. It might be just as well the settings of a low-er end computer, but not everyone you will meet in SL will have a beast of a computer – and the goal is to look good for them as well.
    The color picker doesn’t make sense to me personally, as the bigger part is always greyscale instead of showing you the colors where the bottom slider is currently situated. So it takes a bit of practice to know what exactly you are changing – when matching the non-mesh head with the body.

    Shape is good, except the sides – ranging from below the armpits to the belly. It looks like you are “blown up” or a professional swimmer. Unfortunately no body sliders can remove it. If you can live with that, go ahead, as was said above, the body reacts well to the shape sliders and is actually quite nice.

    Alphas are ok, but there are issues around the neck, where some more detailed choices would be nice.,
    Also, “the behind” is a (minor) issue. The Alphas have just a front view from waist down, would be nice if we could remove just the behind part and not the front with it as well…

  2. I agree with Duncan – the blown up top part annoys me. Also the top part of legs. I have some problems with tattoo and clothing layers, not sure why I cant use both at same time. So I basically use my sl body and my slink hands and feet. I rarelly use the Adam body.

  3. I like this body, but I agree with Duncan, the shape on the sides is awful. It looks like wings, and it is not possible to remove it.

  4. I have been using this body for a few months. I like it in general, but there are some things I find extremely annoying:

    First, there is a noticeable gap at the feet between the mesh skeleton and the standard one. This means that fitted mesh pants don’t cover the ankles completely, making the pants look short on the legs.

    Second, there is a bug on the alpha layer around the pelvic area. Any mesh texture you try to attach to the pelvis is “hidden”, giving the impression that there is a gap between the body and the attached texture (very annoying if you’re trying to show the pubic hair that comes with your genitals). None of the other mesh bodies I’ve tried have this problem.

    Third, none of the above would be a problem if the designer would address defects as they are reported. But my repeated attempts to contact Ginger Chevalier have gone unanswered. The group chat has been very supportive, but even the most experienced users acknowledge that these are issues that need to be addressed by the designer.

  5. Overall I am very pleased with the look of Adam. After 6 weeks of use and working my way through learning clothing, appliers, alpha’s, etc… I have a few comments to add. The skin tab on the hud is cluttered with included base skin options that I just never got happy with. Skin A “muscular” is TOO defined and colors not blended. Particularly the back and legs look painted and bruised. Skin B “smooth” is not defined enough and takes a lot of color adjusting not to look a bit alien to me. I would have preferred one skin that was more well done and defined. As it is, I am VERY happy with the Concord Adam Mesh Body Applier Huds. Fantastic skins, options, and inexpensive! I suggest looking them up for sure. I am still using my classic head and skin and the Concord options work great for me along with some neck blending…

    I find being able to save 50 alpha sets kind of worthless… You can’t type in a number to get to it, you have to scroll up and down through the numbers to get to one. I have 5-6 basic outfits (more on that next) and use those, but really, are you going to scroll to alpha set 38?

    Outfits… Would really like the option to save an outfit for goodness sake and not have to keep stripping layers, changing appliers, adding mesh or prim parts, or scrolling to alpha set 38 lol… It seems to me that if I can do all of these things manually that it could be scripted into outfits. I know… I use Linden outfits, Omega Stripable Hud (ZED), Omega Appliers, etc to do it but I wish it could all come into one Wardrobe and pull it all together instead of covering my screen with huds.

    Last pet peeve and it isn’t Adam specific… I’m a man. I get tired of applier and other huds that I have to put on bra, panties, strip clothes from my breasts or smooth pubes… put something on my skirt layer, whatever that is… Seriously, can’t men have Jacket, Shirt, Underwear, Pants, etc?

    Otherwise.. Ditto to being able to do butt alphas separate from the front and the gap at the bottom of the legs that make skins not transition well all the way to the feet.

  6. Dang! I just watched the Eve wardrobe video… PLEASE bring Adam to parity with the sophistication and capabilities of Eve.

  7. I admit I’ve only used the demo version, but was curious to see how well it compared to the Niramyth Aesthetic A friend bought for me. The skin looks nice (I did notice the nipple slippage to the side as mentioned above) and was easy to match tone with my head. But it also has the same wrist, ankle, hip elbow and armpit “Gumby” problem the Niramyth skin has (AKA the Skin folds in wrong and looks bunched up or twisted like it’s a skin suit or Claymation figure instead of actual skin). other than that issue it looks impressive, just a little difficult to show off the bare upper torso with arms crossed without having it look like your auditioning for “Celebrity Deathmatch”.

  8. I just bought this body yesterday and so far love it switched from the Aesthetic now all my old mesh clothes fit perfectly. I just want to know one thing where did you get the flipping the finger animation? I totally need that.

  9. Not sure how someone can say they “love the shape of this body” it is very strange another one to file under “non usable ” folder. The only good thing is the auto hide clothing option, I hope Signature adds that to theirs it would make it nearly perfect. But this one ….no its not good.

  10. Tried the demo and must agree with all the comments above. The “wings” are fugly. What troubles me most though is the abdomen. The “six pack” looks like it’s cramped togehter under the rib cage, which in turn makes the lower abdomen stretched out like hell. Not good. And yes, I know that in RL a lot of fitness dudes has the kind of six pack you are looking for, but in SL you want to look like the best looking dudes with symmetric six packs, right?

  11. Mesh bodies/heads, I’m a complete noob. Tried Slink, with Catwa head, both drove me crazy. Just simple things like trying to match skin tones etc. Adding custom skins, wow what a nightmare, then blending them.After 3 weeks of trying, I gave up.

    Last ditched effort, bought Adam (head/body)…

    This is so easy to use. It makes sense! Nothing is complicated. Add the Omega huds etc and your cooking with gas, instead of trying to light a fire with sticks.

    A couple of hours and I have a great looking hipster avi. All in all Adam wins hands down imo for ease of use, epsecially for people who aren’t mesh savvy.

  12. We can save up to 50 alpha pre-sets. Now seriously, I’m not going to scroll through all of them to get to number 37 for example… ATTENTION SCRIPTERS! Is there someway to script so that I can drop an invisible prim in an outfit and make it auto-alpha an entire outfit? I dont know if using auto-hide alpha and make the outfit “aware” or if it would be scripting keystrokes to select 37 and load… This would be AMAZING since we can’t save outfits in the HUD

  13. To be fair, maybe this body looks better in world. However, just going off the pictures at the top of this review, this body looks REALLY unnatural and less then flattering.

    Even I can tell that about half the muscles depicted don’t exist at all, and that’s saying something. I mean the six-pack starts well above the navel rather then at it and go clear up onto the chest…. and what are those lines going down the sides just below the malformed pecs? I’ve never seen that before and I’ve spent a LOT of time admiring shirtless men over the years.

    • I agree as the picture is of stock skin A which is over drawn and actually looks bruised on the body. Skin B that comes with ADAM goes too far the opposite direction and could use a bit more detail. I wasn’t happy with either, but to be fair that isn’t the body, its the skin art… I bought an inexpensive Concord skin that comes with an ADAM applier that I am VERY happy with and it makes all the difference.

  14. The back and side shows on the sides with the pecks sticking to the center of the wings, looks so odd.. Can’t wear open shirts with it the body bleeds through even with clothing made for mesh bodies. The alpha option on the sides are to small those should be broke into two so you don’t take part of the chest area that shows on a open shirt.
    I’ve tried everything to lower the size of those huge wings but yet they continue to stick out even with adjusting body. What part of the body is that, I’ve never seen it on a real person. It looks like the ribs are deformed from your spine with some kinda elephantiasis. Then half way around to the chest they drop sharply in size and with no curve, it makes the pecks look odd, as well as the sides, your arm even with you lowering the muscle mass on them still goes though the wings, when your without a shirt it looks rather odd.
    Also noticed that I can either get my front to match skin (with the Adam skin applier) or my sides and back of neck not both at the same time, I’ve tried it in all lighting. I’ve tried all the neck blending tattoos and I seem to be a different color on the back and side of neck then front. Is there something wrong with the applier? When I go back to my standard body there isn’t a difference.
    Other then those two problems I am enjoying the body but those two problems are not small ones. These need to be addressed and some offer made to those that have already purchased it to fix it on theirs body.

  15. Having an issue where I go completely nude intentionally yet for some reason I am still wearing pants. I look in the Layers tab and “Fashions” is turned off. I am not wear any clothing whatsoever in outfits. Any help would be great.

  16. Hey guys, I have trouble making the arms look less like giant hams off the side of the body here. Any suggestions to make my the arms less roided looking? Because they do not look like the picture.

  17. I used to use Adam as my main mesh body, it had some annoyances but I preferred to others I had tried, being able to have a “normal” look as opposed to looking like something from Gears of War was important to me… I had moved on and now use another which was “recently” released. Anyway when the update came through I’d thought I’d check it out, pretty much the same issues: not enough alpha cuts, skins are not good and still has the side look oddity, oh well it had great potential.

    On a side note, not really sure what problems you guys have with save slots, just do not use them and do this instead: when you are making a new outfit folder copy the body (not as a link) and use the copy, save the copy as part of the outfit, then when you put on the outfit (replace current outfit) the body will have the correct alphas, sure it can be a pain if your copy does not have current tattoo you are using but really applying a tattoo on average takes a lot less time then sorting out the alphas 🙂 Personally I love ability to have a one click change my outfit and no messing about afterwards… Enjoy

  18. I agree with you Alex,I really like this mesh body except side looks very odd compared to other mesh bodies.That’s the only thing putting me off.

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