Men’s Bodies

Below is a list of the male and female mesh bodies. To read the review, click the name of the mesh body.

NameWhere to get itMale or FemalePrice# foot heights# hand poses# of layers# of Skin Tones includedOmega?Can I wear SLink hands/feet?Can I wear SLink shoes?# of Alpha Save Slots # of Applier save slots per HUD
AdamAbsolut CreationsMale2,950L18222YesYesYes500
Aesthetic - maleNiramythMale2,799L112ManyYes (NOT for skin/tattoo layers)NoNo00
Altamura - LadyAltamuraFemale2,500L3321Yes (NOT for skins)NoNo00
Belleza - Freya, Isis & Venus bodies LITEBellezaFemale1,799L each4117YesYesNo93 per layer & 3 outfit
Belleza - Freya, Isis & Venus bodies FULLBellezaFemale2,499L each (4,499L for all 3)41037YesYesNo93 per layer & 3 outfit
EPOS - AchillesEPOSMale2500L38310YesYesYes100
Eve - Slim & PulpyAbsolut CreationsFemale1690L each3136YesNoYes6+10
G.Inc - Perfect BodyG.IncFemale1,399L3136YesYesYesNoneNo
Lena - Perky & LushKitties LairFemale899L Not includedN/A25YesYesN/ANoneNo
Maitreya - LaraMaitreyaFemale2,750L31310YesYesNo105
SelinA - Petite & BusyMBA SimFemale2,995L1 included1 included36YesYesNoNone3 slots per layer
Signature - AliceSignatureFemale3,000L310324YesNoNoNoneNone
Signature - GianniSignatureMale3,000L110312YesNoNo80
SkingSkingFemale1800L-2000LNot includedN/A25YesYesN/ANone0
SLink Physique - Female (both)SLinkFemale1,250LNot includedN/A36YesYesN/A8None
SLink Physique - MaleSLinkMale1,250LNot includedN/A36YesYesN/A6None
The Mesh Project - Deluxe FemaleTMPFemale5,000L310536NoNoNo5Unlimited
The Mesh Project - Deluxe MaleTMPMale5,000L11336NoNoNo5Unlimited
Tonic Curvy Beauty TonicFemale2,000L31310YesYesYesNoneUnlimited
Tonic Fine Beauty TonicFemale2,000L31310YesYesYesNoneUnlimited

7 thoughts on “Men’s Bodies

  1. i keep wondering when you will be able to review the slink male body. seems i’ve been waiting for it for many months. any word on when the maker will put it out for sale? i’ld even reserve a copy if it’s anything as good as her female mesh body.

  2. Definitely worth it to go with creators friendly to Omega! Way more options for customization, clothes etc. I don’t think a handful of mesh body creators should say which creators are “worthy” since everyone has different tastes!

  3. One vital missing statistic. Complexity. The bare complexity of the mesh body including that designers hands and feet needs to be included both in the reviews and on this table. EPOS hands in the current edition are insanely complex and I wonder about the others now.

  4. I am pretty sure there are a lot of similar thinking people. But I need to sort out if this body is able to wear femm clothes or at least layers.
    As I understand there would be few mesh clothes made to fit all female mesh bodies plus these new men bodies, but I would at least would like to see if there would be possible to apply for example OMEGA clothing layers designed for woman over this men bodies.

    “men also have right to look fabulous”

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