Looking good in Slink Physique!

So SL has been having fun with me the last week or so – primarily in the form of making my textures not load, or load oddly, or hell, just putting random textures wherever it wants… but I’m pleased to say that it seems to have resolved itself (apparently this was an upgrade for non-US users) so at least I can take a picture!! Below I’m rocking the gorgeous Slink Physique, which has quickly become my ‘standard’ body due to it’s fast loading and lack of ‘floating body part’ issues that I seem to get with other mesh bodies. Don’t get me wrong, for shape (particularly breasts) I love my Belleza, but for general wear, Slink it is! So below I”m wearing one of the Quetta tops from HUCCI and the Latex Leggings from MAAI – two brands you must know if you’re a mesh body user. The leggings come in three shades of transparency, so for modesty below what I’ve done is turned on the pants layer using the semi-transparent legging (Option B) and the Panty later using the solid legging (Option A). That’s given me an almost ‘shorts on pantyhose’ look that I just love – try it out!! MAAI - Latex Stockings HUCCI Quetta Top I’m wearing: Top – Quetta by HUCCI Leggings – Latex Leggings by MAAI Hair – Washing day hair by Banpaia Creations Mesh Body – Slink Physique by Slink Belly Chain by Pomposity

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