Lara Update, Catwa’s Kathy & Finds!

Hi Maddicts,

Another week over already, and today’s post is a mix of information about the new Maitreya update, Catwa’s latest mesh head and Weekly Fitmesh Finds!

Maitreya Update

This week Maitreya released their bento hand update (YAY!) which I know a lot of you are super excited about. Personally I couldn’t be happier what the work Onyx has done here, the fingers are delicate and feminine and the new nail shapes are a fantastic bonus. That said, here are a few quick facts for you guys:

  • The body update (v4.0) review is now up here, and it comes with two sets of hands, static and bento.
  • Both the static and bento hands will respond to your nail appliers, skin appliers and Omega appliers.
  • You may notice the static hands splay out and get stuck there if you’re not using a bento AO. That’s because the hands need an animation to tell them what pose to have. If you just choose a hand pose on the Maitreya hud and leave the hud on (minimised) it will hold that hand pose and not splay out while your AO plays, so don’t worry 🙂
  • Rather than update all your outfits manually, you can use the replace links system (this is not available in the LL viewer though, sorry guys and thanks to Nalates for pointing this one out for me). To replace links just follow the steps below.

Update Saved Outfits
1. Go to your Maitreya folder in your inventory (not in your outfits folder)
2. Right click on Lara 3.5 and select replace links
4. Drag Lara 4.0 into the blank area
5. Click start
6. Repeat for Hands, feet, hud, alpha and anything else in the folder you usually attach to all outfits.

For AO’s, check out Voir for cheaper bento AO’s (around 350L), Tuty’s for midrange bento AO’s and Vista and Body Language for higher end priced AO’s.

Catwa – Kathy

Additionally, Catwa’s latest bento mesh head, Kathy, is now out. I’m a bit behind on this one, but you can watch below and check out the full review here:

With that Maddicts, Fitmesh Finds are below the credits 🙂

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Head – Kathy by Catwa
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Hands – Pro Hands Final V2 by Vista Animations
Skin – Antonia by Amara Beauty
Bruises – Down & Dirty 02 by Vile Cult  Catwa applier, Gatcha item
Hair – Trouble by Magika
Swimsuit – Jackie Swimwear by Addams Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Dress – Abela Tank Dress by Addams Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Pose – Joyssance by La Baguette


This week’s locations:
Black Fair
Chapter Four
The Men’s Department (TMD)
The Liaison Collaborative (TLC)

5 thoughts on “Lara Update, Catwa’s Kathy & Finds!

  1. So people now need to keep their AO on all the time? That is going to create some serious lag.

    Solution to this is simple, and I did it in a copy/mod body from SelinA:

    You place the animations in the hand, then you write a tiny tiny script to play one by default on load and rez, and a chat command to change them.
    And then you use llSetMemoryLimit(memoryLimit); to declare a small memory allocation (this doesn’t change how much memory it uses, it merely gets it to report it honestly – that WILL cause it to show as lower memory in those script checker things, if it actually is lower memory).

    Anyone can contact me for a copy of that script – you don’t even have to place it in the hands by the way… you can put it on any worn item… If people are starting to put out bloated HUDs now for bento… I may have to make a ‘clean looking’ version of the script and put out a freebie… or we’re going to start having massive lag issues from HUDs again, like we used to have before Firestorm freed up all the AOs…

  2. I notice on these posts with the Bento heads you aren’t posting who made your shape. Makes the head useless for someone trying to replicate the appearance.

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