18 thoughts on “June 2017 Mesh Body/Head Survey Results

  1. Thanks Daria, a massive job for you to sort it all out. I am interested in reading more about the results later if you post them.

  2. This is great info, but sadly it will lead to fewer offerings for alternative brands. Despite Omega compatibility, few designers make use of Omega for skin and so it’s difficult if you use any head other than Catwa or Lelutka. There are some really great products out there but it’s like pulling teeth to find anything for them. It would be nice if there was some kind of fair for alternative brands, so that it’s possible for occasional products by top makers for brands other than Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Catwa and Lelutka for women and Slink & Signature for men. But creators think that it’s a waste of time, sadly, though they will take the time to make freebies.

  3. I think Maitreya and Catwa (which I wear) are doing something right, maybe others should be thinking, what are we not doing that they are? I have several bodies and heads (shopping addict!) but the afore mentioned are my favourites and I could not give you a reason other than I like how I look in them.

  4. I think as more things are made for belleza male, more people will use it. The only thing I dislike about it are the hands, they are poorly made and glitchy and the body seems purposefully made not to fit other hands.

  5. I came back to SL after a two year hiatus. It was a crash course in Bento before I was fit for public consumption. I’m very surprised by the results tbh. Lelutka was hands down the most user friendly, fresh out of the box looking good head I tried. In terms of tweaking face/head shape it needed minimal adjustments…which for a brand new SL player would be a huge plus. Even for a ten year veteran such as myself, I found other heads so completely frustrating at times I wondered why I was bothering LOL.
    I switch between 3 bodies, Lara, Hourglass and Physique. They all have qualities I love, ease of use and availability of skin appliers are top of the list. Clothing of course is a major factor. One of the deciders for me when purchasing clothes is that they cater for all the aforementioned bodies.
    All in all, mesh and now Bento are such massive leaps forward for our little grid. It has breathed life into a sometimes stagnant fashion industry, relaunched brands that were floundering and inspired older residents to learn new skills. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • I totally agree. Until Catwa simplifies her heads I won’t buy one. Lelutka is just so much easier and effortless why would I mess with the hassle of figuring out Catwa.

      I do worry about these results a little because I would hate for designers to stop making for the other brands. I’m sure how well represented each one was.

  6. Thank you for putting together this information. I hate how all the most popular brands are also the least creator friendly, what with being no-mod and having their rigging model either inaccurate, or with high requirements to attain. Or both.

    But regardless, the information is interesting. Thank you.

  7. I love this information, thanks for gathering and sorting it! It’s not only interesting, but also very helpful for bloggers and designers alike to see what’s being used. Thank you again!

  8. I am actually surprised aesthetic is so famous since noone wants to make clothing for it….btw MAKE CLOTHING FOR IT!!!

  9. Surveys say what, not why .. here’s my pennyworth.
    I started with TMP. The Aesthetic was too muscled. I wasn’t really happy with TMP. It looked great but the buying experience (and clothing experience before designers caught up) was horrific. Fitmesh didn’t work with it either .. the waist was definitely non-system. So when Gianni came along I went for that (tried slink, but to be honest, not too keen on it). I liked the muscled look although turned the sliders down a bit. Clothing wise .. quite a bit of my old fitmesh worked with Gianni which was a big plus (waist was just about right). The aplhas were OK although T shirts were a pain. I loved the attetion to useability .. like being able to hide feet for wearing shoes and a lot of aplha slots so I could change clothes pretty fast.

    I’m not surprised by the interest in Jake. Body wise it is similar in style to TMP, but a LOT more useable, and TMP doesn’t look like it’s being developed.

    I’m sticking with Gianni. For those who like the gym toned look it’s good. For those who prefer a slimmer leaner look Jake is good.

  10. Wow! Cool info. I wish there were more kawaii clothing for Belleza Freya. She has an awesome figure that you can’t get from other mesh bodies. I see some individuals are making freya but I still want more xD

  11. Thank you so much for doing this poll! I know it took a lot of time, but you are helping so many people make decisions about mesh with this data. I really appreciate it.

    I hope that creators will make more fitmesh for eBody given that it has almost the same market share as Freya and Hourglass. (Bento) fingers crossed! 🙂

  12. As the body it can and popular, but the kit is given out to the designers for storing things on her body is terrible. Maybe after these results, the Maitreya will allocate time and correct errors in the kit

  13. Quite honestly, I’d wear my Belleza Venus more often if there was more fitmesh made for it, but sadly Maitreya has monopolized the market and most designers just don’t feel it’s worth their time to make Venus sizes anymore. This is part of the reason I’ve stopped paying for subscription boxes, I just grew tired of getting clothes that force me to wear a body that isn’t anatomically correct.

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