Introducing Auto-Hide & Weekly Fitmesh Finds!


We all know what the biggest pain is about having a mesh body – trying to alpha the body out every time you wear clothing! Even with fitmesh made for your body, you can still find yourself having to alpha sections out so that your legs/arms/butt/breasts don’t poke through when your AO moves…. and today Maitreya have released a solution in the form of … wait for it… AUTO ALPHA!

What are you on about Daria?

Auto-hide or Auto-alpha basically means that when you put these pants on, they trigger the part of your body that needs to be hidden for them to be worn properly… automatically! It honestly makes getting dressed with a mesh body so easy that the clothing you’re putting on may as well be *perfect* mesh body fitmesh! Obviously though, you realise it’s not when you take it off and half your body is alpha’d out 😉

Currently you can experience this awesomeness at Maitreya, where you can grab the Skinny Jeans, the Zipper Leather Pants, and the Thigh High Boots which all now have this auto alpha built in (if you’ve bought either of these previously, just get a redelivery!). In addition, if you are a creator (or just a user) you can get the kit to create ‘autohide’ from the Maitreya store right now!

The big question becomes – is this setting a new industry standard? Up until now the focus has been fitmesh, at least it has been for designers who are keen to stay ahead of the market and for shoppers who want to look amazing in their mesh bodies. So will this technology eliminate the need for fitmesh? The answer is…. no it won’t haha… for two reasons; firstly, the clothing would need to be at least some form of mesh body fitmesh in the first place for it to fit (even if alphas are needed) and secondly, the biggest drawcard of mesh body fitmesh is being able to use and have your own shape in mesh clothing, which you would lose without fitmesh!

I’ll tell you one thing though, the Auto Alpha feature makes life a hell of a lot easier for consumers, but at the end of the day, a damn good mesh body fitmesh item will always win 😉

I’m skatin’ in:
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Skin – Luna Skin 06 by Glam Affair (Available at Collabor88)
Hair – Brenna by elikatira
Top – Short Hoodie Jacket (V2) by Happy Undead (comes with Omega, Slink and Maitreya appliers)
Skirt – Mini Skirt (Prints) by Happy Undead (Comes with Slink and Maitreya fitmesh sizes)
Knee Stockings – Knee Nylons (Bright) by AviCandy
Belly Ring – Sun belly ring by Misha Jesuil (rigged for Maitreya specifically)
Shoe – Shelby Sandal by HUCCI (Available at Collabor88) (Comes with TMP, Slink, Belleza & Maitreya sizes)
Board – Sail Longboard by [BUC] (Available as a gatcha at the Thrift Shop event)
Bird – Spring Hummingbird Pure by +Half-Deer+ (gatcha item)


Maitreya - Dakota dress
Maitreya – Dakota Dress – Maitreya size

Razor - Dark Style Fair - Crush Nautical - Belleza and Slink
Raz0r – Crush Outfit @ The Dark Style Fair – Belleza & Slink Physique Sizes

DE Designs Layla Vests - Slink, Maitreya, Belleza
DE Designs – Layla Vest – Belleza, Maitreya & Slink Physique Sizes

KITJA - Chaper Four -Gwen Jeans and Top - Maitreya and Slink Physique
KITJA – Gwen Jeans & Top @ Chapter Four – Maitreya & Slink Physique sizes

Spirit - TMD - Maitreya and Slink
SPIRIT @ TMD – Maitreya and Slink Physique sizes

RAzor - Mack Sweats - Belleza and Slink
Raz0r – Sweats (unisex) – Belleza and Slink Physique sizes

Happy Undead - Mini Skirt - Slink, Maitreya
Happy Undead – Mini Skirts – Maitreya and Slink Physique sizes

Kenvie - Shorts and tank - Belleza, maitreya and Slink
Kenvie – Tank top and shorts @ The Thrift Shop – Maitreya, Belleza & Slink Physique sizes

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  1. EXCITEMENT! This news makes me super happy! And now I’ve gotta go do more shopping damage. With more and more designers making Maitreya fitmesh I’m going more and more broke. But at least I’m having fun and looking damn good 😀

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