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    I am currently wearing the Belleza Freya body and i am wondering if it will ever be updated to give us Bento hands like the Maitreya body? (Tho i have heard along the grape vine that they will) It would be nice to know when they will be possibly doing this ‘Update’.Even though i do have the Maitreya body and love what they did with the update in giving there customers Bento hands, Belleza Freya for me is still,I feel the better body out of the two due to the curvier,slightly plumper,sexier body shape without having to make to many adjustments to the shape itself.And yes maybe i am being finicky but we all have our likes and dislikes in body shapes and looks……You may say why not buy a shape or edit the shape to how you want it on the Maitreya body,I can say i have tried to get the look of the Belleza body but failed. Also it would be nice to have an update for the Belleza body to keep in line with other bodies that have progressed and moved with the times in line with the new additions and creations.

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