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    Does anyone know what the ETA will be for the bento update for the Belleza female bodies?

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    I am wondering that as well.

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    Colleen Criss

    I am a Belleza user and I usually send those who ask to Bellezza. I must admit I’m becoming tired of waiting on this bento update . 1st we were told it would be September , then we were told mid/end of october and still no updates.I have refrained from buying 3rd party mesh hands because I for one do NOT want another HUD or omega to purchase to dress/skin ONE body. I want ONE full body to skin not franken body with bento heads and hand and feet separately.

    I did break down and buy Altamura full mesh though I have not had time to set it up and play with it. If/when I do, if I can get the body as juicy as what I can get Freya Ill be done with Belleza and Maitreya all together. I just hope more designers will skin and clothes the body’s.

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