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    DaveWisc Price

    The Jake body has some very annoying problems, and should never have been released. The worst problem is that the fingers of the hands get spread out straight when you TP. I had numerous people ask “What’s wrong with your hands?” I waited months hoping that Belleza would update a fix, but it never happened. Men get a very low priority with Belleza. The only current fix is to buy bento hands and keep them attached, which is annoying, or to replace the Stands, etc, in your AO with bento anims.
    The second problem, mentioned in the review, is that the neck seam is glaringly obvious on the back of the neck.
    Another annoying issue is that the saved alphas don’t always work as saved. Most of my saved alphas have the feet hidden, but when I apply the alpha, I need to manually hide the feet again.
    Seriously considering replacing this body.

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