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Helloooo, Meshlings! I am back with a new fantasy avatar. I am in love with so many things in this post. Please excuse my excitement over superficial, inconsequential things, but they make me happy. First of all is this beautifully detailed set from Violent Seduction at The Arcade. Unfortunately, it is a gacha, but is it really lovely and I found it worth the gamble. I have previously had difficulty with the fits from Violent Seduction, but this one fits me really well. Don’t forget to demo!

So, I am so super excited about these demon wings and tail by aii. So excited that I created a whole video below about my excitement and how to use them. I’m a total nerd, so please forgive me. The tail is being released at We Love Roleplay and the wings can be purchased at the aii main store location.  These wings utilized the bento update to SecondLife, which is explained by Daria here.

<3 (multi)Muse

Avatar & Body:

Catwa – Bibi Mesh Head
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Pink Fuel – Doll V2 in Vamp
Izzie’s – Catwa Matte Lipstick
Veechi – Glitter Glam Shadows
Exile – Sober in Raven
Swallow – Ears Elf
S0ng – Chici Eyes in Abyss
aii – Bento Devil Tail at We Love Roleplay
aii – Bento Devil Wings
UtopiaH – My Cute Horns (No longer open.)

Clothing & Accessories:

Astralia – Minx Claws at Limit8
Dead Dollz – Lych Gloves at Limit8
Sweet Thing – Bath’kol Set at The Arcade (Gacha)
(incl. Bodysuit, Choker, Garter, Leg Wraps, Heels)
erratic – Lily Brassiere and Thong at Collabor 88 (worn in video)
Violent Seduction – Selene Waspie (Old Gacha)

Poses & Props:

Lalochezia – Trees

BodyLanguage SLC – Get Lost AO

3 thoughts on “Fantastical Fitmesh Post and Video – L’il Imp

  1. Wonderful post and I think I can follow the information in video, going to give it a go. Which AO do you use? (not for the attachments). Im excited too. My avi has only been human so far and she longs for a bit of fantasy.

    • Thank you. I’m glad it inspired you to go inter-species. 😀 I am using the Get Lost AO from BodyLanguage/SweetLovelyCute. I’ll update the credits on the blog post in case others want to know as well. <3

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