7 thoughts on “Daria’s Top Picks – Skin Fair 18

  1. I wasnt going to read this (because Im not interested in changing skins) but then I thought I would drop by and say ‘hello daria’ and saw the bit about the Altamura discount! Going to pass it onto a friend I know will be wanting that.

    • I wouldn’t count it out – Body mods/addons are something that I’ve been waiting to see more of, especially the brand creators themselves branching out to sell add-ons – so I’m wondering if by this time next year, we’ll have boob add-ons, pelvic add-ons etc etc. 😀

  2. Maybe Late to the Comments but what Birth has done in the Last few months for Guys Skins on the new bodies like Belleza as well as the heads. Is just superb. I myself have gotten many compliments on the Birth Skin combo I use.

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