Mask Mode Tutorial for Belleza Users

Float away

Hi MAddicts!

First things first – this week I’m doing one of Strawberry Singh’s famous Memes! The topic this week is ‘Ask me anything’, so I’ve set up a little page for you guys to, well, ask me anything! I’ll choose some questions to answer in my next blog post, so go ahead and submit your questions HERE 🙂 They can be Mesh Body or Mesh Head related of course, but also any questions you have about blogging or me in general are welcome! <3

Okay so today I’m revisiting a topic especially for the Belleza crowd (and those with other bodies who may not be familiar with it) – Mask Mode!

Please note – this tutorial is brought to you by MS Paint. MS Paint – the creative side of work laptops 😛

Now, I recently posted a tutorial about Mask Mode, but it’s become quite a hot topic once again because for the first time, Belleza users now have access to this function for their bodies, and it’s causing a few headaches 🙂 So let’s get into it!

Clickity click below for the tutorial!

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Belleza's new update is HERE!


Well Belleza lovers, you’ve been waiting for it, and the time has finally come…..

The new Belleza update is out!!!!!

For me, Belleza was the first mesh body I ever bought. In fact it was the body that started a love affair with mesh bodies that has lasted until, well it’s still going! Now I know, there has been a lot of contention about these bodies and the length of the wait for an update, but after reviewing it myself I can tell you – I think the wait was worth it.

Now I can anticipate a few questions from those considering buying the Belleza body, so let me explain one thing upfront for you. Whilst the update does include three ‘shapes’ of mesh bodies, this doesn’t mean that they’re not fitmesh. You can still use the shape sliders to adjust your size/shape to be as you want it to be – all this means is that the way the mesh (the shapliness of the curves, breasts etc) differs between each of the three included models. So for example, if you wore Venus and set your breast slider to 60, the breasts will look very different to if you were to wear Freya and set her breast size to 60. It’s all about the curves and shapliness.

So to read the review – click below MAddicts!

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Weekly Fitmesh Finds

Country Strong

I know I’m a little early with the fitmesh finds this week, but there has just been TOO MUCH going on to not do an early Fitmesh Finds post!

First of all to clarify – Yes, the Belleza mesh body update is coming out this weekend! You can read more HERE, but I will absolutely update the Mesh Body Review for it as soon as I can possibly can 😀

Now for those of you who may be new to reading my blog, first of all, welcome! By way of introduction, the Weekly Fitmesh Finds post is the post I write each week outlining the newest Mesh Body Fitmesh clothing (that is, specialty mesh clothing that is designed for mesh bodies such as Maitreya, Belleza, Slink Physique etc.). In these posts I include everything I can find, including Men’s Mesh Body Fitmesh items (although these are few and far between – but this week I’ve found two!).

In the image above, I’m wearing the newest releases from Blueberry and HUCCI, both of which can be found at Uber in mesh body compatible sizes. I’m in LOVE with this shirt – you can wear it with the bra underneath or on its own, and it just screams country sexy to me, so I had to head over to Image Essentials and wander around their farm area for a while.

Red sky in the morning

Now, let’s find out what I’m wearing, the on to Fitmesh Finds!

Photo 1 –
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Mesh Head – Eveolution by Absolut Creation (skin option 2 used)
Hair – Thalia by Truth
Top – Romy Knotted top by Blueberry (Available at Uber) Maitreya, Slink & Belleza sizes included
Shorts – Wallnut Hill shorts by HUCCI (Available at Uber)Maitreya and Slink sizes included
Boots – Urban Cowgirl boots by HUCCI (Available at Uber)Maitreya, TMP and Slink sizes included
Pose – Horse Girl #2 by Focus Poses

Photo 2 –
Mesh Body – Lara by Maitreya
Mesh Head – Chloe v2.0 by Genesis Labs (Available at The Fantasy Collective)
Hair – Thalia by Truth
Earrings – Loriana Feather Earrings by Rebel Hope
Hat – Big floppy beach hat by !FINITY
Dress – Dakota dress by ADDAMS (Available at Uber) Maitreya, Slink & Belleza sizes included
Bracelet – Friendship Bracelet (Zoa Party) by Zaara (Available at The Aracade)
Pose – Sang 4 by SKBIO| Animations 


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