Bento Mesh Head List

CreatorHead NameReview LinkGenderPriceOmegaSkins IncludedAnimationsMod?
Absolut CreationAdamClick hereMale850LYes11 tonesBlink, 6 animations.No
Absolut CreationEve'OlutionClick hereFemale825LYes3 skins, 6 tones each3 static eye & 3 static lip expressions that can be played as 2 animations.No
AkerukaLara, Valerie, Lulu, Nicole, VanessaFemale
2,999LYes10 tones with system & Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, TMP & Omega body appliers included3 lip animations, BlinkingNo
AkerukaAron, Cole, JulianMale
2,999LYes10 tones with system & Omega, Slink & TMP body appliers included3 lip animations, Blinking, 3 eye animationsNo
AltamuraAaron, Albert, AlvinMale3,499LYes4 tones5 + eyes closed/mouth openNo
AltamuraAggie, MoniqueFemale3,499LYes4 tones7No
CatwaCatya, Hanako, Kathy, Koura, Kimberly, Lilo, Lona, Sophia, TalaClick hereFemale5,000LYes4 tones24 animations, talk, blinkNo
CatwaDaniel, Shaheen, StanleyClick hereMale5,000LYes5 tones24 animations, talk, blinkNo
GA.EGDamonClick hereMale2,800LYes8 tones2 static, 1 ani, talk, blinkNo
GA.EGBarbaraClick hereFemale2,800LYes8 tones2 static, 1 anim, talk, blinkNo
Genesis LabsEva, Jane, LenaClick hereFemale4,000LYes (Make-up layers only)0 12 full face animations, talk, blinkNo
LelutkaBianca, Cate, Chloe, Greer, May, Simone, SpencerClick hereFemale5,000LYes10 tones (Glam Affair)24 animations, 12 moods (mocap), talk, blinkNo
LelutkaAndreaClick hereMale5,000LYes10 tones (Tableau Vivant)24 animations, 12 moods (mocap), talk, blinkNo
LightstarApollo/Robin (male) & Athena/Marian (female)2 female & 2 male available2,000LYes5 tonesBlinkYes
LOGOQuinn & AlexisClick hereFemale3,999LYes5 tones9 head motions, 12 eye and 12 mouth expressionsNo
NiramythEnzo & SmithMale2.799 (available only with Aesthetic body)No2 base skin tones each (Enzo has light skin tones, Smith has dark skin tones)BlinkYes
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