BENTO IS HERE!!! It’s now in the LL main viewer, which means it will be in the Firestorm viewer any second minute day now! They already have an alpha viewer out that I’m using, so it can’t be far off now! Meanwhile Maddicts, Damien Fate has released some super cute bento items to celebrate!

  • Bento hand poser – this HUD enables you to pose your own bento hands in whatever way you like, and save the presets! It comes with a few poses built in, but you can save up to 12 more which you can make by just moving the sliders! I’m going to grab this as soon as I finish work 😀
  • Bento animated cloak – this cloak moves realistically when you stand and/or walk, giving it an airblown look. It has a HUD for texturing and also a little system in it for using your own UUID’s to texture it!
  • Bento animated wings – these wings use the bento wing bones to move, and they’re modifiable too, so you can create your own looks for them!

So excited, had to share! <3 Daria


  1. There a few notes to make Bento euphoric a bit less.
    System legacy avatars will not benefit of Bento in any way.
    Still most avatars in World events are legacy ones, many still wearing the same avatars of 2006/10.
    LL still offers legacy avatars as choice for newbies.
    Those same old avatars are the same old ones that never update their viewers.
    So unless LL offers for starters full Bento avatars, and more important, human ones, as a creator with eyes on the future dares to offer for free a full human Bento avatar with the best quality, Bento avatars will be a niche inside a niche, used only for photos and lil else.

  2. ZZ, you know I love and adore you but it needs to be said I’m one of those users that wear their avatar since early 2007. Of course I changed and modded it and made it much smaller since my birth but basically I’m still the same oldstyle girl. Can’t help it but I kinda love my little Orca. I guess she looks neat and totally individual. Orca is me, I am Orca. Since January 2007. And I see no reason why I should spend a lot of money only for the reason to obtain a run-of-the-mill avatar that looks like 100s and 1000s of other girls in SL.
    And hey, I’m updating my viewer regularly, any time Singularity coming up with a new one. I refuse to play on V3 viewers, they are irritatingly confusing and put like another layer of stupid in between me and the world.

  3. Old legacy avatars have the worst Arc measures, they add to general lag much more then any mesh avatar at any time.
    Bento intents to make sure that you can have the same options to individualize your look, wearing full mesh heads.
    The truth is simple, with a free Bento good human avatar available, more will be able to realize that improving their look is not a question of choice but of need. Need to improve lag, your look and the visual beauty of SL.

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