Belleza's new update is HERE!


Well Belleza lovers, you’ve been waiting for it, and the time has finally come…..

The new Belleza update is out!!!!!

For me, Belleza was the first mesh body I ever bought. In fact it was the body that started a love affair with mesh bodies that has lasted until, well it’s still going! Now I know, there has been a lot of contention about these bodies and the length of the wait for an update, but after reviewing it myself I can tell you – I think the wait was worth it.

Now I can anticipate a few questions from those considering buying the Belleza body, so let me explain one thing upfront for you. Whilst the update does include three ‘shapes’ of mesh bodies, this doesn’t mean that they’re not fitmesh. You can still use the shape sliders to adjust your size/shape to be as you want it to be – all this means is that the way the mesh (the shapliness of the curves, breasts etc) differs between each of the three included models. So for example, if you wore Venus and set your breast slider to 60, the breasts will look very different to if you were to wear Freya and set her breast size to 60. It’s all about the curves and shapliness.

So to read the review – click below MAddicts!

The new shapes:

(Note – keep in mind that I used the same sl shape for all three images to keep it consistent, but typically you would make your own size adjustments for the different bodies as you prefer).


Now that said, here’s a quick look at what the new update contains:

The Body (Physical changes):

  • Updated mesh body shape – Venus (the original shape)
  • New Mesh Body Shape – Isis (a slightly less ‘small’  version of the traditional Belleza body, Venus)
  • New Mesh Body Shape – Freya (a curvier shape, with larger hips/thighs and breasts)
  • 16 hand poses
  • 4 foot heights (Flat, Mid, High & JD)
  • New skin texture
  • Additional breast options (three options now for each body shape: Natural, Perky and Push up)
  • Hands/feet are now SL UVS (this means that skin/tattoo/applier creators will finally be able to make appliers easily for this body, which should open the range of availability right up!)
  • New nail shape (Now a pointy nail option)
  • New neck sizing with improved neck sheath

Now I decided to be cheeky and play with making a GIF that show the breast types (if you’ve ever seen the movie The Sweetest Thing, this so reminds me of the “22…. 28” scene haha). So in order: Nautral, Perky and Push up, show on Isis.

Boob types

The HUD:

  • Skin color picker
  • Skin effects/materials
  • Many additional alpha cuts
  • Alpha save slots
  • Alpha Auto-Hide Option for Creators to add onto their clothing
  • Blend/mask mode for clothing appliers
  • Socks/gloves on all body layers
  • Clothing layer with alpha cuts
  • Texture refresh options

A look at the HUD:


Save Slots:

  • 8 Alpha cut combination save slots
  • 7 Skin applier save slots
  • 8 Fingernail texture save slots
  • 8 Toenail texture save slots

….and the big surprise Belleza held out on sharing until now… A WARDROBE HUD!! That’s right – you can store up to 20 tops and 20 bottoms in the  clothing articles section, and 10 outfits ! (as you can see, I’ve saved the panties I’m wearing above in the HUDs)

Belleza Wardrobe HUD - articles Belleza Wardrobe HUD - outfits

Now it’s early hours (I wont’ say ‘early days’ because it only came out a few hours ago), and there are a few glitches – stomach rigging, hand responsiveness to RGB Hud and so forth, so there will be an update coming out this week to address those minor issues. Once that’s out, I’ll update the ‘official’ review on here 🙂

So, I’m interested to see what you think MAddicts – was it worth the wait?

What I’m wearing:

First Picture – (pose used came with car which is at Image Essentials sim)
Mesh Body – Freya by Belleza (skin RGB HUD used to match colour)
Mesh Head – Alex by LOGO (skin tone – Bloom)
Sunglasses – Vogue Glasses by .::ILLI::. (Coming to Cosmopolitan – 6th July)
Hair – Bronwyn by Truth
Top – Knotted top by Blueberry  (Available at Uber)  (includes sizes for Slink, Maitreya & Belleza – Venus, Isis and Freya)
Skirt – 3/4 Denim Skirt by [Cynful] (includes sizes for Slink, Maitreya & Belleza – Venus, Isis and Freya)
Shoes – Parrasana heels by Glamistry

Subsequent Pictures –
Mesh Bodies – Vary (all Belleza)
Mesh Head – Stella by Lelutka (League – Milla skin applier used)
Hair – Thalia by Truth
Lingerie – Kia by Apple May Designs (Includes Slink, Belleza, Omega, Maitreya & TMP appliers)

9 thoughts on “Belleza's new update is HERE!

  1. It is absolutely amazing!! The one issue that has kept me from wearing it often, slow rezzing on the bottom half, seems to have been fixed with this update as well. What a great product. Out of 8 bodies I have I think this has moved into my favorite spot. We’ll see if Maitreya responds 😛

  2. The Maitreya Lara was my first ever mesh body (actually my only mesh body) but after seeing Freya.. I love the thickness of it! I am defintiely going to be in world and trying out a demo. Ughhhh I’m tempted to purchase it!

  3. It’s a nice update, very well done, but I am still sticking with Lara. I can see a lot of people switching, though, because it has a lot of nice options.

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