Belleza’s Bento Update is here!

Hey Maddicts,

IT’S FINALLY HERE BELLEZA LOVERS! Yes, it’s not April fools – the bento mesh body updates are out! Here’s some quick info for you:

  • All three bodies have been updated and now have bento hands
  • The update will be sent automatically, or you can grab a redelivery. If you’re like me and you bought the body back when there was only Venus, remember that you will be redelivered the ‘Venus Boxed’ item – this box WILL include all three bodies though if you bought the body back then.
  • The neck area has been improved to increase the seamlessness around the neck, especially I’ve noticed, with Lelutka mesh heads.
  • The body now has a targeted applier system. This basically means that you can select what body part (ie. left arm) you want an applier to apply to – which is great for tattoos especially, because like slink you can now wear multiple tattoos on different body areas.

Of course there’s more to it than that, and you can see all the details (including a video overview) on the Belleza blog here.

A few helpful troubleshooting tips from what I’ve seen in the Mesh Body Addicts Group today – Don’t forget to reinstall your Omega in the new updates if you use it, and remember you need a bento AO/pose to see the movement in the fingers, so if it’s not working for you, make sure you have one of those active. If it still doesn’t work, check in the ‘Shape’ tab that you don’t have a pose active (highlighted) – if so, just turn the pose off 🙂

Tricky and the team have done an incredible job with this update – so on behalf of all of us meshies, thank you Belleza team!

<3 Daria

8 thoughts on “Belleza’s Bento Update is here!

      • Also have to understand that the Update here is mostly bringing it up to date with Male body not counting applier changes. I mean looking at my Jake Body its only real flaw is the hud textures being too much, other then that its pretty much on point.

        • Well not really – the female bodies are now much lighter and faster to load, and the UV fit with Omega is improved, hand poses are in the HUD, plus targeted appliers – I’d say it’s a bit ahead of Jake right now, but that’s okay too 🙂

  1. i hope it fix the third party skin applied not support body shinningproblem too. I don’t have time to try it. But it definitely is a good news. Belleza is currently the best body shape body.

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