AC and Jellydolls: Tutorial and Popular Bodies list

Hi Maddicts!

Well the Jellydoll invasion has lasted over a week now, and it’s good to see that it’s stirring up some conversation, especially amongst designers who are more aware than ever about the potential for their mesh to cause lag (and in our case, ‘jellydoll’ people). Now I want to say at the outset that I’m not 100% convinced that AC is the BEST way to calculate/measure potential lag inducing mesh items, especially when taking into account the inconsistencies of AC numbers and the ability to ‘lower’ or increase these numbers with a few upload settings – but that said, I’m far from a technical person, so what do I know? 🙂 I did however read an interesting article by Aine Caoimhe that goes into the more technical aspects of it, and definitely worth a read.

Either way on the user side Jellydolls are what we have, and from my tests when going to events, it does help reduce lag significantly! So with that in mind, this week I spent some time with the amazing Vixie Rayna of Belleza, and we decided to do a combined video and post together! You can see her gorgeous self in the pic above, but in case you were wondering, this is what she looks like as a jellydoll 😉

All my friends are jellydolls

Depending on your graphics settings, sometimes the dolls can look more well, pixelated, but at Ultra setting (with my AC limit turned down obviously) this is what a Jellydoll looks like!

Now for the tutorial video! Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Avatar Complexity, Jellydolls and more is posted right below for you. Vixie did an amazing job with her tutorial, so thank you for sharing it with us Vix! Make sure you Belleza users subscribe to their Youtube channel HERE so you don’t miss out on any of their awesome tutorials and videos!

So what AC is your mesh body? Well, I’ve noted the AC’s of all the mesh bodies I currently have, and they are below. Note that some versions I have are old/out of date, I’ve noted these, and will update them if the creators send me any updates:

  • Adam – 12,336 (Including hands and feet)
  • Altamura Sofia – 8,452 (Including hands and feet)
  • Belleza Freya – 7,880 (full version); 4168 (Lite version) (Including hands and high feet)
  • Belleza Isis – 7,462 (full version); 3940 (Lite version)  (Including hands and high feet)
  • Belleza Venus – 7,750 (full version); 4,02  (Including hands and high feet)
  • eBody v8.2 – 8,066 (including hands and classic feet)
  • Eve (Slim) v8.4 – 27,370 (Including hands and feet)
  • Eve (Pulpy) v8.4 – 24,794 (Including hands and feet)
  • Maitreya – 9,606 (Including hands and feet)
  • SelinA Busty v2.1 – 18,010 (including hands, flat feet and nails)
  • SelinA Petite v2.1 – 17,746 (including hands, flat feet and nails)
  • Signature Gianni v2.7 (old version) – 41,956 (including hands and flat feet)
  • Slink HG v2.9– 14,074 (includes casual hands, deluxe high feet)
  • Slink Physique v2.9.2 – 14,496 (includes casual hands, deluxe high feet)
  • Slink Physique Male v1.3 – 15,056 (including casual hands & flat feet)
  • TMP (beta) – 14,745 (includes ouch feet and deluxe hands)
  • Tonic Curvy 3.02 – 8,688 (Includes hands and high feet)
  • Tonic Fine 3.02b – 9,518 (Includes hands and high feet)

I hope this helped you all to get an idea of what your mesh bodies are ‘worth’ AC wise – it’s much less than you think in many cases! So tell me, are you a fan of jellydolls?

<3 Daria

I’m wearing:
Mesh Body – Freya by Belleza
Mesh Head – Destiny by Catwa
Skin – Keira by Belleza (Pale) – Catwa applier
Hair – Therese by Mina (Available at Whimsical)
Necklace – Energie by Blueberry (Exclusive item for the Epiphany, no longer available)
Bikini – Roe by Vinyl – Includes Belleza (all), Maitreya & Slink (both) sizes
Shoes – Alma by N-Core – Includes Belleza, Maitreya & Slink sizes

Vixie is wearing:
Mesh Body – Isis (lite) by Belleza
Mesh Head – Stella v1.6 by Lelutka
Skin – Julia by Belleza – Lelutka applier
Hair – Marion by Mina Hair
Necklace – Miri necklace by Indyra
Necklace 2 – Vallari neck collar by Maxi Gossamer
Leg Chains – Leg Chains by Phedora
Bikini – Coin Bikini Top & Bottoms by Fashionably Dead (fd)

19 thoughts on “AC and Jellydolls: Tutorial and Popular Bodies list

  1. I’m dragging my heels on the FS update, I just can’t face the jellydolls yet haha maybe tomorrow… and on an unrelated note: have you seen the new male mesh head by VYC at MOM this round? I demoed it, loved it, bought it… but I can’t get the neck right at all on my TMP body… I’d love to see a review from you *hint hint* because I know you aren’t already busy at all hehe 😉 Thanks for all you do!

  2. Thank you for the video, ladies! I was originally a skeptic about the whole jelly doll thing, but after about a week of using the new Firestorm browser I have to say I now love it! I also love those alerts that come up when you add or remove items as I find myself being much more conscientious about the outfits I put together when I am going out. The other great new development is the ability to save your settings and access them right through the top toolbar. It makes switching things in a laggy sim super duper easy. I’m really happy about this change, both to make creators aware of the impact of their items and to make everyone else aware of what they put on before entering busy sims. Second Life has become a much more beautiful place over the past couple years and now it is becoming a much more conscientious too.

  3. The whole Jellydoll thing has me amused. First, the numbers are not just inconsistent, but wildly so. I purposely tested this with a friend on a high traffic sim. Starting out with full mesh body & head, hair, boots, mesh clothing & earrings, I read my numbers as 96K, he saw 94K (numbers are rounded). I took off my hair and my number climbed to 101K for me, 97K for him. That was taking OFF the hair, people. I put on another hair, the numbers crept up to 143K/139K, took it off and I was now at 89K/92K. Wildly inconsistent. I also have to laugh because either here on your blog or on Berry’s, someone objected to my mini review of my experience with a mesh body demo. I specifically objected to wearing so many attachments with that body vs one attachment with my Belleza. Her story was that bodies with one attachment cause more lag due to so many scripts in the one, yada yada yada, but your numbers above refute that! Of course, I didn’t subscribe to her explanation either, but it is good to see the numbers!

  4. Im with you Cyanide Pixie. That was me but now I understand the JellyDoll slide ruler, Im loving it too. The self-made presets are the best thing. I have named/quick presets for very low/events, when Im dancing and high setting for photo taking (which also includes some other graphic settings too). Now the graphic change is almost instant at a touch of one button.
    Thanks for video, Im sharing it with anyone I come across that is struggling to understand the change.

  5. These Phedora “Leg Chains” are not sold in the marketplace store, and I didn’t find a link to an inworld store… So, where could we find them…? Thank you!

  6. I use singularity so don’t see jellydolls yet, I wear Maiterya body and Catwa Jessica head, someone told me recently my AC was over 450k, on playing round with the things I was wearing we discovered my bracelets were ludicrasly high, 200k for two bracelets, my fav brackets consigned to the trash, I guess jellydolls affect us all even when not using the viewer !

    • Unfortunately yes 🙁 Unless someone has their limit sent to ‘no limit’, they won’t see you at that high 🙁 Your head and body shouldn’t put you more than 20-25k, so I would check hair and other accessories too 🙁

  7. With belleza isis lite, catwa helena and truth hair by av is around 17000.
    With Kl lena perky 1 single mesh lawer body with 2 faces, my av is around 21000
    Does not make any sense that a body that has 2 layers cause is cut in parts is less height then a body of 1 single lawer and 2 faces.
    ARC is well behind fu**** up and as when one builds in mesh, to cut an object in parts is way better then to upload it on 1 single piece, that should be the reverse, as servers will have to aquire much more data to create and animate the same object, but helas, LL is what it is.

    • No, ARC is about accurate for what it’s worth (a single number can never express the whole complexity of creating and optimizing mesh content, an actual game artists will probably have to design and optimize after a dozen of different aspects and numbers, but that would drive most SL designers insane).
      You’re just completely ignoring the LOD system and its effect on viewer and server performance in your considerations…
      The ARC of the Belleza Lite bodies is lower, mostly because their LOD are lighter, resulting in overally lower load on the majority of people around you… you can test yourself, set your LOD factor to 2.0, zoom out and watch, the Belleza bodies will collapse at rather short distance while the KL ones will stay at full detail from very far away…

  8. This was a very helpful, informative and easy to understand tutorial video thanks so much. Also thanks to Vixie of Belleza for all her recent very helpful tutorial videos about the new Belleza bodies. I am really enjoying this new update aside from there doesn’t seem to be a way to hide your toe nails. Keep up the great informative work ladies! Thank so much for all the time, efforts and work u do. Looking forward to the next post and video.

  9. Hi! Lette from Firestorm here. Toward the end of the video you comment on the alert labeled “Warn me if my avatar complexity may be too high” and then point to the toast in the corner that gives you your current complexity score, saying that it must be a bug that this score toast is still showing when the warning alert is disabled. Due to an error on the LL page discussing the jellydoll feature (, that’s a common misunderstanding.

    “Warn me if my avatar complexity may be too high” corresponds only to the alerts that tell you that some people may not be able to see you (or that everyone can see you now).

    The notification that shows your current number is a separate setting and can at present only be disabled in the debug settings. See for how to do this. We have lots of useful info on complexity and jellydoll-related Firestorm settings on that wiki page. Here’s the main link to it:

    That’s not to say there aren’t imperfections and inconsistencies in the feature but only that if you’re looking to disable that particular toast, this is the way to do it in FS 4.7.9.

    On a separate and probably picky note, complexity affects only client-side lag, not sim lag or resources. So if there’s someone with an extremely high complexity of 350K+, they’re only hurting those who aren’t rendering them as jellydolls (including themselves), not the sim itself.

    Thanks for the video. It’s good to see the info shared in ways that reach a range of audiences.

    • Thank you so much for the clarifications Lette, that’s fantastic information! The message that some people may not be able to see you, is that a standard warning that occurs from time to time simply to say if you’re over the minimum 25k, some may not be able to see you – or is it a true indication that someone nearby has their settings below 25k? Thanks again for the great info!

      • You’re very welcome!

        The notification is meant to be an indication that someone nearby has their settings below your complexity, but I’d call it a *likely* one rather than a “true” one.

        Complexity values aren’t always precise, for instance (ever try taking something off and putting it back on over and over and get a different complexity change every time?), and when you’re rezzing in someone’s view, they may see you as a cloud at first with complexity 0, or your mesh might take a while to come in, and they’ll see your naked or alphaed body with complexity 1000. So what you believe your complexity to be isn’t always what someone else’s system thinks you are, and that notification might be affected.

        But in theory the notification is picking up the settings of people in the sim and letting you know roughly how many people (none, some, most, or all) can see you fully rendered. It changes when people arrive, leave, or change the setting.

  10. The biggest issue I’ve had with the jellydoll feature thus far has been the inconsistencies in the values. In particular, for every person I’ve paired myself with to test and exchange ARC numbers, we always saw our own complexity below what the other person saw. Maybe this is somehow peculiar to the small set of cases I’ve tested but it’s been pretty consistent so far. While this doesn’t make things completely useless since lower is still presumably better, it does make the idea of dressing to a target complexity rather quixotic.

    Comparing numbers on third avatars has been pretty inconsistent. I’ve had differences in reported complexity of as much as 150k between two different computers with fairly similar specifications. Has anyone tried anything like this with multiple viewer instances on the same computer?

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