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Hi Maddicts, Well you asked, and I’m answering! In my last post I asked you all to hit me up with any questions you might have about well, anything, and you did so yay! As promised, this post is dedicated to responding to your questions (well to the best of my ability anyway), so here … Read more

Maitreya Update v4.1

Maitreya Update v4.1

Maitreya Mesh body has been updated to v4.1! The update includes a fixes and changes based on feedback, including:
– You can now minimise the HUD by clicking the logo on the top left hand corner again
– There is now a “cycle natural hand poses” button on the HUD (this gives your hand animations when you’re not using a bento AO)
– Built in “ankle lock” (Yay!)
– Addition of a mini hand pose HUD
– Fixed an alpha auto-hide error
– Fixed a potential issue with nail polish vs gloves (alpha glitch)

Re-attaching your current mesh body or wearing it on login will trigger the updater. If for some reason it doesn’t, you can hit redelivery.

<3 Daria

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Hi Maddicts, I hope you all had an amazing Easter! I had a long weekend full of chocolate and designing, plus some sim work because the MBA Sim, event, Maddict, AviCandy and Illi are all moving to a new sim! So stay tuned for exciting changes! In the meantime, it’s been a while since I’ve … Read more

Lara Update, Catwa’s Kathy & Finds!

Hi Maddicts, Another week over already, and today’s post is a mix of information about the new Maitreya update, Catwa’s latest mesh head and Weekly Fitmesh Finds! Maitreya Update This week Maitreya released their bento hand update (YAY!) which I know a lot of you are super excited about. Personally I couldn’t be happier what … Read more

Maitreya v4.0 is OUT

To get it, just wear your body (or detach/reattach it) or redeliver it 🙂 The new update includes bento hands, new nail types and 14 hand poses! Remember you can update your outfits too by using replace links: Update Saved Outfits 1. Go to any saved outfit 2. Right click on Lara 3.5 and select … Read more