BENTO IS HERE!!! It’s now in the LL main viewer, which means it will be in the Firestorm viewer any second minute day now! They already have an alpha viewer out that I’m using, so it can’t be far off now! Meanwhile Maddicts, Damien Fate has released some super cute bento items to celebrate!

  • Bento hand poser – this HUD enables you to pose your own bento hands in whatever way you like, and save the presets! It comes with a few poses built in, but you can save up to 12 more which you can make by just moving the sliders! I’m going to grab this as soon as I finish work 😀
  • Bento animated cloak – this cloak moves realistically when you stand and/or walk, giving it an airblown look. It has a HUD for texturing and also a little system in it for using your own UUID’s to texture it!
  • Bento animated wings – these wings use the bento wing bones to move, and they’re modifiable too, so you can create your own looks for them!

So excited, had to share! <3 Daria

Altamura – Aggie Bento Mesh Head

Hi Maddicts, So, time for me to start going through the bento items and doing some reviewing! First up, Altamura’s mesh head, Aggie! Altamura – Aggie Bento Mesh Head Designer – Altamura Mesh Head Name – Aggie Bento – Yes Price – 3,499L Omega Compatible – Yes, installer required (see Omega website here) Animations in … Read more…